With the right technology in place, students and staff can focus on achieving their goals.

As modern education moves toward collaborative environments, speech intelligibility is crucial for understanding new and complex topics.

From primary education to major universities with 40,000+ enrollees, Biamp offers AV solutions that meet the requirements of almost any educational institution. Some of the audio and video applications we support include:

  • Active learning classrooms
  • Classrooms with multimedia capabilities
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Distance learning
  • Emergency paging
  • Lecture capture
  • Sound reinforcement

Modern education takes place in a variety of settings. The Tesira platform supports remote learning, lecture capture, and brick and mortar classrooms. TesiraLUX facilitates bi-directional screen sharing in active learning classrooms, and Tesira can also provide the audio and video processing for lecture capture, as well as for lecture halls and overflow classrooms. Instructors can connect laptops to TesiraFORTÉ via USB and use a soft codec like Skype™ or GoToMeeting® to broadcast the lesson to remote students.

Biamp’s Vocia family offers campus-wide paging, as well as critical incident paging. Critical incident page codes can be programmed to interrupt lectures in classrooms that are equipped with Biamp’s Tesira, delivering vital messages regarding critical incidents, natural disaster warnings, evacuation notices, shelter in place orders, and more.

Both faculty and students can take advantage of Devio’s easy to use conferencing tools. When ad hoc meetings are needed in smaller spaces, Devio is the perfect fit for getting collaboration sessions up and running quickly.